Replica U-Boat Complicated Watch - An Amplified Masterpiece

This Italian watch company derives its name from the marine-theme designs for which the company is best known.The U-Boat name is a major force in the world of luxury watches; a notable accomplishment for its mere 12-year history. With blocky crowns at the 9 o'clock position,Replica U-Boat Thousands of Feet models are unmistakable, thus situated in order to allow divers full wrist motion underwater, simple dials. U-Boat watches are between 45mm and 55mm in diameter and even reach 65mm in the particular case of the U-1942. Italo Fontana has very well figured out how to design big watches. One thing that has not been associated much with these gargantuan timepieces, however,which are complications. Showing that they are at the height of more traditional watchmakers to produced complicated watches, U-Boat released the U-51 Rattrappante complicated model.

With a complex system of levers, springs, and pinions, the "rattrapante" or split-second chronograph movement is one of horology's finest mechanisms. This is done by overlapping two independent seconds hands. After starting the chronograph as usual, a third chronograph pusher can be used to stop one of the overlapping second hands and allow the user to take a reading. Its function is to allow the user to mark a time measurement without stopping the ongoing timer.This can be used for timing lap times for instance. The English name for this type of chronograph is derived from the action of splitting the hands. Once the button is pushed again the hand that had stopped catches up to the primary chronograph seconds hand instantly. This gives the function its French name: rattrapante.

The colossal case is 51mm in diameter without counting the impressive crown cap and pushers. Mostly you will find such fine mechanisms in more fake traditional and elegant watches, but the U-51 is nothing like these. It is undeniably based on military styling with a protruding, protective bezel, five visible fastening screws, and a matte satin finish. Although the exact measurement is not known yet, the thickness of the case is evident. The screw-locking crown protector on the left as always with replica U-Boat watches has been greatly reworked from the company's more basic models. So have the hinge system that secures the crown cover to the case and the start/stop pushers. At last, subtle touch of style is created by abandoning the lugs, making the strap seem integrated with the case.

Every part of it has been amplified makes the Replica U-Boat Limited Edition Rattrapante special . Even the strap has been adorned with the most extravagant alligator leather and fortified with a rubber border. All these extras earn the U-51 a few money , which places the fake watch amongst the most expensive stainless steel U-Boats, but it is also amongst the rarest. The U-51 will be produced in very limited quantities and is in its own category amongst the replica U-Boat watch collection.

I realize Baselworld 2010 is already far away, but the footage that we got there is still relevant and fun, and therefore we continue to produce videos with the HD footage we got there last spring. The most recent release is a video presentation of one of my favorite fake watches of 2010, the U-51 Rattrapante comlicated watch by U-Boat Watches. The funny thing is that when I saw the first images of it I didn't like it at all. Then I wrote about it in some blog posts both on and off the Baily Blog (see New U-Boat Model: U-51 Rattrapante and U-Boat U-51 Rattrapante Complicated Watch - An Amplified Masterpiece), and the conspicuous masterpiece started to intrigue me. When I finally got to film it and play with it at Baselworld 2010 is when I fell in love with it.

The U-Boat U-51 was released in 2009 and is the first "complicated" model that the young company has created. Only 100 will be manufactured and presented in this Italian leather case. The Replica U-Boat Flightdeck Rattrapante complicated watch represents a balance between the sophistication of high-end horology and Italo Fontana's rugged, industrial design principles. The 51mm wide and nearly 2 cm thick, stainless steel body is not delicate in the slightest, but displays a great amount of careful craftsmanship.The specially engraved movement is visible through the sapphire crystal back. Most prominent is the oscillating rotor that winds the fake watch while it is on your wrist.What's cool about the U-51 is that it is big, robust, and thick like other U-Boats, but is powered by a sophisticated automatic Swiss movement that enables the split second function, which we will see in a bit. The stainless steel case is 51 mm wide, hence the name, and that's not including the hefty crown and pushers.

So, lets see what the "split second" or "rattrapante" function does. So there are three chronograph pushers as opposed to the usual two. Because all replica U-Boat watches are configured to be left handed, the primary functions are all placed on the left. To wind the fake watch I unscrew the massive crown cap, and wind the crown as usual. Next to the crown you find the start/stop pusher, which is placed on the bottom here, and the reset button on top. The third button controls a red seconds hand that runs in tandem with the primary white one and is placed underneath. Once you push the button, the red hand stops, allowing the wearer can easily take a time reading while the chronograph continues to run. Pressing the third button again releases the red hand, which immediately catches up to the primary seconds hand. Hence the name "Rattrapante," which in French literally translates to "Catching up with." Despite its bulk, the U-51 Rattrapante is quite elegant. It is fitted with a luxurious alligator and rubber strap and the stainless steel is immaculately sculpted and finished in the company's workshops near Florence. Compared to my average sized, 42mm Anonimo, the U-51 is quite large, but this just reflects how everything about it is really amplified and, literally, awesome.